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Saturn Temple opening

Saturn temple opening
Open: 18 Feb Time: 8am - launch time
Price: donation
Program: the grand opening of Saturn temple introduction of Shani Dev diety big Saturn Yagya done 7 brahmins from Vrindavan prasad To bring with you: Fruits, black sesame seeds, black sweets, blue flowers Dress: Knees and shoulders should be covered! Try to make it in white, but any color will do. Do not forget to remove your ahows befpre entering the Temple.
You can participate in yagya: if you have Sade Sati or Saturn in 1,3,4,7,10,12 house it is very benificial for you; anybody who wants to worship Saturn.
Price: 1100per person.
Come at 07.30am. Yagya starts at 8am. Wear black clothes. Bring with you: 1kg black sesame ceeds and per person. Women attention: Please do not enter inside the Temple if you are on your periods. Thank you for understanding!
Plz check the stories for more information and updates. See you very soon