Festival HOLI

What is HOLI?
Known as a festival of colors, Holi is celebrated at the same time as the pagan Russian festival of spring, Maslenitsa. Having deep philosophical meaning behind it, this year this auspicious time is coming on 7th of March. So on 7th and 8th we are going to celebrate the spring!

Indian mythology says that there was a great devotee whose name was Prakhlad (which means "shadow"). He was a son of a demon but has been praying to Lord Vishnu since his childhood. His father was very angry because Prakhlad had never accepted him and was always saying that Lord Vishnu is the only God for him. That demon had a sister whose name was Holika. She had received a blessing from the Lord Brahma that she could not be burnt in fire. So they say. So they decided to put the boy into the fire with her and burn him alive. Prakhlad was calm and was repeating the name of God even when the fire started to burn. The holy fire took the evil and Holika was burned to ashes while the boy stayed safe. Since that time people started to worship the day of Holi, when the evil was defeated by the good, when the light took over the darkness, when the devotion won over the ignorance.
March, 7−8
Tuesday, March 7
"The holy fire"
Time: 9pm till midnight
— Satsang on Holi Day by Mitra Ji
— Special pooja
— Bonfire
— Music and Dancing
Wednesday, March 8
"The celebration of light"
— Color festival
— Women's Day celebration
— Music and Dance
— Stories and Laugh
— Delicious food

Price: donation
Mitra International Ashram, Aronda Rd, Gulduve, Maharashtra 416 513, India
15°45'12.9"N 73°43'51.8"E
Ashram is located 9 km away from Arambol (Goa). You can easily find us on Google Maps
Сome to celebrate with us to Mitra International Ashram!!!

If you want to become the part of the program, please let us know. Music, singing, dancing and all kinds of creativity are welcome. There will be open mic, music system and the performance friendly space.

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